. While the epidermal debris continued to fall off in days five (also pictured above) and six, my skin had calmed down significantly, and a full week after the treatment, that coveted Halo glow was in full force. Discuss your skincare needs with your clinician. Avoid direct sun exposure and vigorous activity. Encourages collagen production. The Halo can wipe out pigment by itself, but depending on the patient, it can be beneficial to do one or the other. HALO is the worlds first hybrid fractional laser. Burns in sensitive areas of the skin such as around the eyes; Injury to the surface skin or deeper tissues; Temporary scab formation at the treatment site after healing. For example, the pre-treatment session with the Forever Clear BBL laser used to target acne on my skin would have been an additional cost to the overall sticker price. The treatment eliminates years of sun damage by triggering your body's natural healing response to reveal that HALO glow patients can't stop talking about. Granted, the New Look New Life team prepared me for thisduring my consultation with Janette, she expressed how she found the treatment to be pretty painful, but completely worth it. They were treated with a non-ablative laser system (900 nm) 3 times at intervals of 2 to 3 weeks. You can help prolong your results by practicing smart sun behavior: apply sunscreen with at least SPF 30 every day, wear a hat, and try to stay out of the sun during peak hours. This is a bold statement, but I stand by it: The Halo Laser is one of the best things to happen to my skin in recent history. The first thing you'll want to do in advance of your Halo Laser treatment is stop using any retinoids in your existing lineup. That said, it can take a chemical peel or fractional laser 3-4 treatments to achieve the results of a single Halo procedure. 01. Its wavelength is capable of targeting melanin without affecting the surrounding skin cells. 20% off when you buy a package of 5 sessions. The study supports the hypothesis that regulators of ageing can be altered in human skin using BBL technology to provide a functional change, rather than a cosmetic, superficial change in appearance. I fully plan to get my yearly Halo touch-up come 2022Ill just have to leave my camera off for the Zoom meetings in the few days that follow. We're A Boutique Medical Aesthetic Clinic Specialising In Cosmetic Injections and Laser Skin Care Treatments. Explore the many capabilities of Sciton devices and learn about the revolutionary outcomes we've achieved through decades of scientific research. It was like I put my face in a hot oven, says RealSelf member. The device includes two types of waves: ablative and non-ablative. The Unbeatable Treatment Pairing for Total Body Skin Renewal. As a result, patients noted an improvement in the appearance of wrinkles by more than 50%. Patients can resume their daily activities within a few days with no heavy or time-intensive post-care. This type of laser treatment offers less downtime than others. HALO triggers your bodys natural healing response, stimulating the production of new, healthy cells that help reduce the appearance of large pores. Treatment results may vary. View All Services. In Affiliation with Physicians Vein Clinics. View Before & After photos and let us show you the striking improvement in skin health with Scitons technology. Rejuvenate patients skin with HALO by Sciton. Its also the laser of choice for treating melasma and other types of hyperpigmentation. The treatment eliminates years of sun damage by triggering your bodys natural healing responseto reveal that HALO glow patients cant stop talking about. The treatment eliminates years of sun damage by, triggering your bodys natural healing response. Generally, the patients who have a more significant inflammatory response will actually end up with more significant collagen stimulation, [greater] improvement to elasticity, and a better overall result, says Dr. Sue Ellen Cox, a dermatologic surgeon in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. With a topical anesthetic and integrated cooling technology, patients typically experience very little discomfort. It can be done with: Ablative laser. Give patients of all skin types a remarkable glow with HALO. It uses light energy to gently heat the upper layers of your skin and stimulate skin cells to regenerate. This treatment is highly effective in improving the appearance of the skin, but there are still some questions about it that remain unanswered. Learn more about our content standards. This technology allows you to adjust the output power level of both laser pulses, depending on the patients skin type and treatment preferences. What are the pros and cons of a Halo laser? How long Halo laser treatment results last varies from person to person, but the typical timeline is one to two years. Hybrid Fractional Laser: A Multi-Center Trial on the Safety and Efficacy for Photorejuvenation. Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, vol. During an initial consultation, your provider will personalize a plan that meets your lifestyle and skin concerns. Scar Revision surgery by Dr. Zwyghuizen for hyprotropic scar in 2011 vs. after Halo Treatment & BBL Treatments & BBL Hero Treatment in 2022. Although its an intense treatment that requires a few days of downtime, some of the benefits include the reversal of sun damage, a complete resurfacing of uneven texture, and a general overhaul of your complexion to the point that makeup is entirely optional. This is the so called Halo glow. The cost of halo laser treatment may vary depending on the area being treated and the number of sessions. The Halo Laser is a hybrid treatment that combines the powers of an ablative laser and non-ablative laser to resurface skin. It contributes to the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles on the face. This can be hard as the tight and dry feeling starts to settle in. This makes Halo one of the most accurate and safest devices on the market. Home; About. With the ability to treat large areas, such as the back, arms, and legs, in just 5-10 minutes, the BBL HERO provides more speed than any other laser on the market. Treatments. As you continue to wash your face, the MENDS will naturally come off as the skin heals, so resist the urge to pick or peel at them prematurely. Lights, camera, action! Clinicians around the world can achieve amazing results with Halo and BBL, available on the JOULE platform the highest quality and most expandable platform on the market. Halo laser treatment is much better than other treatments in many ways. With the addition of Halo, patients are able to receive significant results in texture, pore size, and general brightening of the complexion. Be conscious of how forcefully youre washing your face so that you dont take any of the MENDS off prematurely, Dr. Kim says. Halo is a hybrid laser that uses microscopic ablative and non-ablative laser energy to address textural problems and deeper skin concerns, such as lesions and wrinkles. BBL HERO treatments near Minneapolis. 2-3 Average Number of Sessions. You will see overall improvements in your skin, including a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduced pore size, improved skin reflectivity and glow, and significant removal of discoloration. Thirty minutes to an hour before the treatment, your clinician may place a topical anesthetic on your skin to reduce any discomfort during the procedure. The handpiece provides cold air to the treatment area, so the discomfort that patients feel when their skin heats up is minimized. EMSculpt Neo, Emtone, IPL, IV therapy, hormone replacement, Halo, BBL, body contouring, facials. A gentle cleanser and moisturizer are recommended. We asked Dr. Claudia J. Kim for her insight on the Halo Laser. to reveal that HALO glow patients cant stop talking about. If youd like to find out more about the cookies we use, please see Scitons Cookie Policy. Some say it can be a bit painful, like rubber bands snapping against your skin, but the device blows cool air to help reduce discomfort and soothe inflammation during the procedure. At Pacific Coast Aesthetics, we offer a wide array of laser treatments, including Forever Young BBL , Forever Clear BBL , SkinTyte, laser hair removal with Forever Bare BBL , diVa, and HALO, the world's first Hybrid Fractional Laser, a revolutionary skin-resurfacing technology that delivers outstanding results with minimal . . Dr. Claudia J. Kim, DO, is a cosmetic surgeon who is the medical director at New Look New Life Cosmetic Surgical Arts in New York City. MSU is an affirmative-action, equal-opportunity employer. When asked why he originally chose Scitons BBL versus the competition, Dr. Robb notes it was an easy decision, stating, I had read the Stanford study1(www.foreveryoungbbl.com/clinical_evidence.php) and found the evidence compelling. Long pulsed 1064 nm Nd: YAG laser treatment for wrinkle reduction and skin laxity: evaluation of new parameters. Everyones skin is different. The First Steps of Scar Treatment. MOXI improves the surface and texture of the skin, while BBL evens out areas of excess red and brown pigment. Overview. Numbing is required, and I imagine the process would be pretty painful without it, since it wasnt exactly sensation-less even with the numbing cream. -Off-face software templates for neck, chest, and hands, -Fast treatments with customizable energy density settings. Stick to a pretty simple skincare routine and use light, mild formulas that keep your skin hydratedDr. After my practitioner Rita mapped out the quadrants of my face, she went to work with the Halo device, working section by section. After the first 24 hours have passed, the treated skin will begin to slough off as new healthy skin comes to the surface. The risks and side effects of Halo laser treatment include: However, with all precautions taken, the probability of these side effects is negligible. Simultaneously delivering a non-ablative 1470 nm and an ablative 2490 nm wavelength to the same microscopic treatment zone, HALO delivers an unmatched improvement in the appearance of aging skin. Kim recommends the Cetaphil cleanser, moisturizers by either Cetaphil or CeraVe, and your usual daily sunscreen. One of the most popular laser treatments available is Halo laser treatment. In addition, a Zimmer chiller can also be used to keep the skin cool during treatments, which can help ease any patient discomfort. Find the best Lymphatic Drainage Massage near you on Yelp - see all Lymphatic Drainage Massage open now.Explore other popular Health & Medical near you from over 7 million businesses with over 142 million reviews and opinions from Yelpers. How to prepare for Halo laser treatment. While ablative treatments are more invasive and typically require a longer downtime, non-ablative treatments may not be as effective as some patients would like. Age spots or rosacea will be a thing of the past! HALO combines both ablative and non-ablative wavelengths to offer remarkable results with minimal downtimeincluding a dramatic reduction in sunspots, fine lines, wrinkles, skin dullness, and more. Her coverage of beauty and wellness has been featured in publications including InStyle, Who What Wear, ELLE, Marie Claire, and more. All that with minimal investment and virtually no downtime or complications. The 1470 nm wavelength targets the dermis, the thickest layer of the skin, and can be tuned from 250m to 700m to address deeper sun damage, stimulate collagen, and remove other dermal pigmentary issues. In fact, right before my treatment, my practitioner Rita shared her Halo experience with me, and noted that, after getting the treatment the previous year, she hadnt worn foundation on her skin since. Get Started. When choosing to partner with any company, its important to know their historywhere they came from and how they got to where they are today. Topical retinoids can make your skin more sensitive to the laser, so avoid them in the two weeks leading up to your treatment, Dr. Kim explains. First, your physician first applies a topical anesthetic to the treatment areas. Theyll show up in the form of little brown spots all over your face, which peel off as the Halo result starts to surface. The MENDS can take anywhere from five to seven days to completely fall off, and Dr. Kim notes that slight swelling for one to three days following the treatment isnt uncommon. DOI: 10.2310/6350.2005.31310. This would be the ideal treatment for someone who isnt new to laser treatments, and wants a more dramatic result.. About Us; . Four weeks after the last treatment sessions, the average degree of wrinkles on the treated side was reduced by 45.1%. Peeling, flaking, itching, swelling, redness, and bronzing will occur the next day as your skin begins to heal. Due to its fractionated nature, most patients require one to two HALO treatments to achieve their goals (depending on intensity). Before my Halo laser treatment, my skin was more or less as temperamental as it was when I was a teenagermy pores were definitely visible, and the signs of breakouts past were lingering in the forms of hyperpigmentation and some red, sensitive areas. Over time, sun damage, stress, and the bodys natural aging process can cause your skin to have sun spots and fine lines, and to lose its natural, healthy glow. Broadband Light Therapy is very popular in the Milwaukee and Madison areas of Wisconsin, and for good reason. Address: 430 E 29th St, New York, 10016 Site Map. The first group used a 1440 nm laser and the second one a 1320/1440 nm multiplex laser. Appointments; Shop ; Call. Halo Laser Before & After . Think of it as a chemical peel on steroids, Dr. Kim says. Halo also offers the flexibility to completely turn off ablation for users looking for simpler laser treatments. Baseline vs Post 4-Weeks . His clinic is a national center for Halo training and treatments where patients come from around the country for the procedure. Clear + Brilliant is a great modality, but its less intense, so youd have to do it more frequently to get similar results as Halo, she says. BBL is usually preferred for more superficial issues while Halo is ideal for treating the skin's deeper layers. ), request a consultation to meet with Dr. Camp and the Bowtie Babes using the online form or call us at (817) 228-4315 to schedule an appointment. This device addresses an incredibly wide range of problems, including acne, freckles, age spots . Rejuvenate md wellness medspa has halp laser skin resurfacing for wrinkles scars and pigmentation of the skin. You can also call 1 (248) 663-0161 if you have any questions about our microneedling treatments. DOI: 10.1002/lsm.20784. As a result, the following improvements were noted: skin texture by 62.9%; flabbiness by 57.0% and wrinkles by 51.4%. The procedure can be as quick as a few minutes depending on the targeted area and the type of procedure. Interested in having a skin makeover? MOXI & BBL featuring Forever Young BBL. Call Us. E-pub 2014 Dec 16. The elasticity of the skin has improved significantly. HALO Laser Treatments. Quoted by Forbes, Woman & Home. The photo thermal energy reduces skin redness and creates even, firm skin texture. Im half-Filipino and because inflammation can trigger hyperpigmentation in my skin, New Look New Life Patient Coordinator Janette Guzman prescribed me hydroquinone to prep my skin for the appointment. Pay Bill Online . Treatment sessions were performed at intervals of 6-8 weeks. Don't wax, tweeze, or use hair-removal creams on the treatment area. The closest you can get in terms of results will require more treatments or extended downtime. The BBL treatment will be performed first to treat any surface-level imperfection including discoloration and pigmentation. The BBL will treat the surface level imperfections including redness, discoloration and pigmentation while the HALO treatment provides textural and anti-ageing properties. Age spots. Partager . We'll cover the kind of results to expect, and the pros and cons of this popular treatment. Need to be back at work tomorrow? As a hybrid laser, the HALO is extremely versatile and can treat a myriad of mild to severe skin concerns on the face, neck, hands, and dcolletage: Sun damage. Sunscreen should be applied daily with no direct exposure for 7 days post-treatment. This treatment is extremely effective because it stimulates collagen production in these areas which ultimately helps reduce the appearance of scarring. As a longtime customer and supporter of BBL technology, he recently started combining BBL with Halo. Acne or chicken pox scars. Another wavelength (non-ablative laser with 1470 nm) penetrates deep into the skin layer, stimulating collagen regeneration. 11, Nov. 2018. Lights, camera, action! The healing process will look scarier than it actually feels, and in the days that follow, youll start to get the epidermal debris, also known as MENDSor, microscopic epidermal necrotic debris, Dr. Kim explains. HALO combines ablative and non-ablative wavelengths to address multiple levels of skin concerns on all skin types in 1-2 treatments. Neil S. Sadick, Mario A. Trelles. Halo Laser and BBL Combo Treatment. Ask a Dermatologist: How Can I Treat Hyperpigmentation? Jackson Location. I have never marketed Halo. Half of the face was treated with a laser device with a wavelength of 1064 nm, the second half of the face was the control. Subscribe and get notified about the black friday deals, up to 50% discounts. Ablative wavelengths target and treat the skin for surface-level conditions such as textural issues and pore size. Usually when patients experience that, we prescribe the hydroquinone to pre-treat the skin for any inflammation to avoid any potential PIH post-treatment.. Halo laser treatment shows promising results for sun-damaged skin and anti-aging treatment. DOI: 10.1111/ijd.12626. 2009 Aug;8(8):723-31. The doctor prescribed me hydrocortisone for 2 weeks, I have been . Ablative wavelengths target and treat the skin for surface-level conditions such as textural issues and pore size. For the first 24 hours, you should keep your skin protected according to your clinicians instructions. The ablative laser evaporates or pulverizes the top layers of skin to address more superficial areas, while the non-ablative laser creates controlled, deeper micro-traumas in the subcutaneous layers of skin to simulate inflammation and promote both skin-tightening and collagen production. While the term micro-trauma sounds like something you wouldnt want, Dr. Kim notes that its actually a good thingby tricking the skin into thinking its injured, it causes your natural healing process to go into overdrive, creating more collagen and in turn, addressing skin texture issues like oversized pores, fine lines, wrinkles, roughness, laxity, and acne scars. Schedule a consultation with a provider near you. Report at a scam and speak to a recovery consultant for free. Sciton technology provides some of the most highly sought after aesthetic treatments in the world. The threat of PIHwhich, as we noted before, stands for post-inflammatory hyperpigmentationis the only potential side effect, and in the instance it does take shape, Dr. Kim notes that it can easily be treated with either a prescription-grade retinoid or hydroquinone. At VIP Medi Spa you're invited to relax in a luxurious setting. Our vision at Lazaderm is to provide the region with the most advanced, minimally invasive procedures for skin and body rejuvenation. This rewarding treatment will give you a . Halo has dramatic results, especially as it pertains to texture, dyschromia and UV signature, which gives an improved light reflex. If youd like to find out more about the cookies we use, please see Scitons Cookie Policy. The price range is $600 - $2,500 per treatment. HALO offers several unique proprietary technologies: The 2940 nm wavelength targets the epidermis, the top layer of the skin, and can be tuned from 20m to 100m to precisely vaporize tissue in a controlled manner to address textural issues and pore size. Results are impressive after just one treatment.. Now you can restore that healthy glow and youthfulness to your skin with HALOScitons first and most popular hybrid fractional laser for all skin types. By combining the two wavelengths, we minimize the healing time and maximize the results, says Dr. Kris Reddy, a plastic surgeon in West Palm Beach, Florida. View Before & After photos and let us show you the striking improvement in skin health with Scitons technology. HALO treats all skin types, anywhere on the body. Fine lines, deeper wrinkles, and creases. The non-ablative wavelength targets deeper sun damage and other dermal pigmentary issues. Forever Young BBL is a broad based light therapy using pulsed light to. Located in Rockwall, TX and serving Dallas , Heath , Garland , Greenville , Rowlett , Forney , Wylie , Sachse , Sunnyvale , Mesquite & Royse City. Sciton is extremely proud of our history and the people we've gained along the way. HALO treats a variety of common skin concerns, including: HALO helps produce new, healthy skin cells in areas with fine lines or wrinkles. Marianne Mychaskiw is a freelance writer and editor based in Brooklyn, NY. Youll see initial resultsa youthful glow and more even skinin as few as five to seven days. Halo - 0 Social Carousel - Videos & Photos - 0 Social Media Calendar . Contact us to schedule a consulation with our Parker, CO Dermatologists today! Other laser options include the following: Chang, Anne Lynn S., et al. These symptoms usually peak in two to three days and subside within a week. HALO - What to Expect During Your Recovery. (720) 851-5200; Request an Appt. You can help decrease swelling and other inflammatory responses sooner by doing the following during your healing process: Youll see Halo results in two phases, because the Halo laser delivers two different wavelengths of light. Halo can be described as a laser rejuvenation treatment that uses a specific type of laser light to regenerate collagen. The reason this combo treatment works so . Cookies collect information about your preferences and your devices and are used to make the site work as you expect it to, to understand how you interact with the site, and to show advertisements that are targeted to your interests. Instead, wash the skin with a gentle cleanser each day, and allow any peeling or flaking to come off naturally. After that, HALO exfoliates the skin and treat wrinkles, fine lines, and other . Posted by June 29, 2022 amelie zilber brother on halo and bbl combo treatment near me June 29, 2022 amelie zilber brother on halo and bbl combo treatment near me Provided in accordance with the RealSelf Photo Rules. A word to the wise: The treatment is not one of those chill laser facials you can get on your lunch break and not have anyone notice. All participants reported a noticeable improvement in skin smoothness and texture. BBL is a treatment that utilizes broadband light wavelengths to correct superficial concerns, particularly pigment and acne treatment. The Cosmetic Center 6252 Poplar Avenue Memphis, TN 38119 (901) 624-3333. Immediately following treatment there may be some redness and tightness which should resolve over 24 hours. We offer a wealth of educational content to all providers to support the precision, quality, and long-term reliability of our productsand empower you to grow your practice. The JOULE offers the ability to add over a dozen modules to one system. The optical navigation system fixes the movement of the handle to track the speed with the utmost accuracy. To learn more about BBL HERO treatments, schedule an appointment by visiting FACE Skincare~Medical~Wellness online. 15 Old Humboldt Rd. Naturally tightens the skin. Ablation can be reduced to a smaller fraction of the face and shallower depth, says San Francisco physician Dr. Jake Wardwell. Book Consultation or Call (08) 6193 1838. Go Over the Edge for Cancer League of Colorado! Halo uses a combination of both ablative and non-ablative lasers to offer the extended benefits of laser resurfacing in one treatment with little downtime. You deserve a facial that's been FDA-approved to treat sun damage and aging. Please adhere to your providers instructions. Interested in learning more about Halo Laser treatment? The Halo Laser treatment has an average cost of $1500, but the final price may be slightly higher or lower depending on your practitioner and whether or not any pre-Halo treatments are needed. Subscribe and get notified about the black friday deals, up to 50% discounts. Then, she gave me two Advils, applied numbing cream, and allowed it to sit for an hour. Halo laser before and after photo courtesy of Dr. Kaveh Alizadeh, board-certified plastic surgeon in Jericho, NY. You wont see much of a difference the first day, but you can expect the following in the immediate days post-treatment: Some doctors say the swelling is a good sign that the treatment is working. AYA Medical Spa's cutting-edge phototherapy treatment with Sciton BBL . Below, you can see the results of the Halo laser treatment. You can trust RealSelf content to be unbiased and medically accurate. An anti-aging skin-care regimen can also help. Depending on your skin and treatment goals. The aesthetician will treat a section of your face at a time by rolling the Halo hand piece in a crisscross pattern. An LED Visual Speedometer provides real-time visual and audible feedback to ensure optimal velocity for the best outcomes. mJOULE opens your practice to a new range of capabilities. Home; SERVICES Open menu. Ablative fractionated CO2, laser resurfacing for the neck: prospective study and review of the literature. Contact Information. The skin is first cleansed and prepped for BBL and the eyes are protected with safety shields. Visit CaloSpa in Lexington, Louisville, or Floyds Knobs to see if laser skin rejuvenation and tightening in Kentucky and Indiana is right for you. In 2014, Sciton shifted the landscape of resurfacing by introducing Halo, a Hybrid Fractional Laser that delivers both non-ablative (1470 nm) and ablative (2940 nm) wavelengths to the same microscopic treatment zone. Permanent Eyebrows. How many Halo laser treatments are required? These treatments are; Forever Young BBL, Moxi Laser, Indiba, HydraFacial, Microdermabrasion, and Medical Grade Skincare Products.. BBL is an excellent option to work synergistically with the Halo laser to treat sun damage and undesirable pigmentation. What are the risks and potential side effects of Halo laser? Suitable for patients of all skin tones, Halo is considered a second-generation laseran improvement on earlier devices, which require more treatment sessions and more downtime to achieve the same type of results as one Halo treatment. Because of its ability to also treat fine lines, pores, uneven texture, and hyperpigmentation, the Clear + Brilliant Laser is often compared to the Halo Laser. Surgical Dermatology Mohs Surgery and Excisions, Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetic Services, Elevated Dermatology & Skin Cancer Surgery Center. What are the benefits of doing halo and bbl at the same time? Jackson, TN 38305. The Halo hybrid fractional laser combines ablative and non-ablative wavelengths that simultaneously target the top layer of your skin and the deeper tissue underneath the surface, for a powerful skin rejuvenation treatment. One of our laser technicians will then perform a HALO treatment to target deeper layers of the . About Us Our Team This is Riva Services Facials & Skincare Botox & Dysport Dermal Fillers Kybella . HALO is a hybrid laser that combines ablative laser and non-ablative laser. Client has bleeding & clotting disorder that affects healing. The skin is anesthetized with topical numbing cream 1 hour prior to your treatment. 2015 Sep;54(9):e345-50. Lasers Surg Med. Most patients only need one or two Halo laser resurfacing treatments to achieve their desired results. Its powerful, easy-to-use technology delivers consistent and precise results every time. HALO was designed for your skin care needs and lifestyle. Reduction of redness and small facial veins. After the treatment, most patients will continue to feel warm for an additional 30 to 60 minutes or slightly longer with deeper treatment levels. Before Sciton developed HALO, patients had to choose between an ablative or non-ablative treatment. Emtone, IPL, IV therapy, hormone replacement, Halo, BBL, body contouring, facials. Achieve remarkable patient outcomes and increased practice revenue with Scitons award-winning technology. You will see improvement in your skin appearance, in addition to significant removal of pigmentation and redness, improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduced pore size, and glowing skin. All rights reserved. Non-ablative wrinkle treatment of the face and neck using a combined diode laser and radiofrequency technology. The price you pay for a Halo treatment will depend on your providers level of experience, their practice location, how many areas you have treated, and a few other key factors. The photothermal energy reduces the redness and sunspots by eliminating fine vessels and reduces unwanted melanin. - Before & After BBL + Combo - Counter Card 9x12 in - Logo - Patient Brochure - Patient Post-care Brochure (instructions) - Poster 18x24 in Halo is the first hybrid fractional laser (HFL) in the world and completely revolutionized laser skin resurfacing. You get the benefits of both a non-ablative and ablative laser in a single treatment, improving both the epidermal and dermal layers of the skin. The Halo laser resurfacing treatment itself takes less than one hour to complete. 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